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Web Log Filter is a desktop based web log files analyzer that offer huge capacity to process the large size logs. The analysis tool can work fast and support up to few gigabytes of file size. While most of the web log filters becomes slow to analyze the log files, takes time and uses much of the system resources, the Web Log Filter is completely different. It runs on basic scripts written on C++ and thus it gains super speed in processing the log details.

Functionally the Web Log Filter helps users to find errors on websites by writing a simple script and running it to point out the errors. The same tool can be used to generate entire report on a user’s activity on a website. For instance, the script from Web Log Filter will extract the users activity references and will combine them together.

The Web Log Filter can also be used to check the back link statuses of website. This will cover both the inbound and outbound links. The analyzer filter will look for referrals point to and from your own domain.

Moreover, the Web Log Filter helps in assessing the search engine optimization impact and to conduct situation analysis by looking into the searching bots search pattern. Users can use multiple log files to filter out. The tool will allow you to split larger files as well. Finally, the tool can also help to attain anonymity of internet protocol.   

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