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The high technology AV Digital Talking Parrot is a free and fun screen saver for your computer systems with no pop-ups or ads. This talking parrot is a perfect choice for you if you wish to adopt a smart but virtual pet.

This parrot is like a baby, simply put, it will learn whatever you teach. This particular system does not recognize the phone ring or doorbell. On the other hand, it can certainly mimic sounds such as a human voice, a bird song or other sounds. The parrot can learn all this with perfection provided you teach it as well. This is surely a smart pet and is fun to play around.

You will have to go to the Start menu, then programs, after that AV Digital Talking Parrot and lastly from there to Parrot property in order to teach the parrot how to mimic sounds after installing the screensaver. If you want to parrot to play, you will again have to follow the same route, but click on the parrot at the end along with a view of the program's menu bar. From here, you can either click on full screen of zoom 100 %.

This digital parrot screen saver can imitate human sounds, can mimic the bird's songs, sing, laugh, and talk all thanks to the database of phrases that comes built-in with this screensaver. This virtual pet of yours can remember whatever is said loud enough for it to hear. You can teach this pet all the voices you wish it to remember and then speak later, you can also teach or train it to not remember what you do not wish. The background of this screen saver can be changed as per your liking, and at present this free screen saver comes in four different backgrounds: Waterfall, Room, Lake, and Green.

You can shut off the microphone or speakers for it to not hear or to keep it shut while you are finishing some important work. You can easily make use of your system microphone to record words or to edit the parrot's vocabulary. This program can be run as a standalone app and also as a screen saver. Also, unlike the other screensavers, this one has its own folder of the start menu, and it as comes along with a devoted un-installer. The main interface of this program includes Help menus, View, Edit, and File. In order to set this screen saver as a default screensaver, you need to enable it by going to the personalized settings, unlike the other programs.

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Windows 7 x32, Windows 7 x64, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista

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