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This virtual aquarium has been introducing the widest application for the skin savers and live wallpapers on your desktop. It experiences the most idealistic seabeds and coral reef. This application of a fish aquarium provides the widest range of different fishes that are artificially executed. It also has the sensor code, which forms a sense of a touch. It has the greatest quality of fitting, if you do not feed the fish on the live wallpaper it would turn upside down for some while.

The aquarium has a fabulous range of twelve different underwater scenes, which are in a 3d form. This screen saver and wallpaper is full attracted to the fishes, and know their appearance and behavior. You can choose the wallpaper the way you want even by changing the fish species that are in a wide variety of 30 high detailed looks.

It seems to look very realistic and even gives the sensation of water and the fishes, and a perfect graphic animation and effects are put in front of you, this application has a bonus screen that includes two clown fish hosting a sea.

All the fishes on the screen stay sharp and clear, they have different moments on the screen that makes the screen full filled, this gives a very attractive appearance on the desktop. In addition, it is very easy for you to play with it as you go closer to the screen and tap the screen, all the fishes on the screen would come closer. A sudden tap on the screen would even make them frighten, all the fishes would hunt for their safety and hide in different corals on the sea.

The application offers a short range of four types of fish, which is very attractive. It swings from one place to another and even sways the seawater. The process planted in this app has vibrant graphic effects on the back screen of the fishes. Different water coral reefs and many more underwater scenes, that effect with a very affordable subscription. You have full interaction with the clown fish and the environment around it. If you have any queries about how to feed the fish, it is just simple as you tap the fish, the fish would get its feedings.

This app supports the windows 8 and 7.It is easily downloaded by the android phones and tablets .This application can be downloaded easily and you can enjoy the attraction and appreciation for it. This illusion software is a high quality base application. Introduced for the entire upcoming trend on different modes of communication, it has become the most popular app in all android phones; several users of this application are pleased to get such an app that is free without any payments.

The developer of this application has gained fame with the younger generation. This aquatic application reveals the terms of vibrant graphic moments with fabulous scenes and impressive colors. The swimming fish looks very realistic and the pop up to devour the chunks of food.

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Sim Aquarium 3DScreen Savers: NatureAndroid, iPhone, iPod, Windows 7 x32, Windows 7 x64, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows XP

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Android, iPhone, iPod, Windows 7 x32, Windows 7 x64, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows XP

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