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Freeware - Advanced Trigonometry Calculator 2.0.8 screenshot

Advanced Trigonometry Calculator

This application works correctly in Windows XP, Vista, and 7. This application is available ... files or in the portable version "Advanced Trigonometry". If you downloaded the portable version, ...

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Freeware - fx-Calc screenshot


... featured replacement and enhancement of the old fashioned Windows calculator. Over and on top of calculation and visualization ...

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Freeware - Calcute 11.5.27 screenshot


Free and Compact yet Capable Tape Calculator. More advanced than standard calculators, this is an expression evaluator that lets you ... multi-line editing mode: stretch it into a long calculator tape of any size or maximize it to ...

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Freeware - KS Calculator 1.05 screenshot

KS Calculator

KS-Calculator is a powerful, easy-to-use, flexible calculator, which supports operations with numbers in Binary, Octal, Decimal and Hexadecimal formats, operates with expressions and mathematical functions, like: Sin, Cos, Tan, ArcTan, ...

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Freeware - Calculatormatik 1.15.260 screenshot


Calculators/Converters: =============== Acceleration Adsense Code Converter Angle Converter Area Calculator Area Converter Arithmetic Progression Calculator Astronomical Time Converter Auto Loan Calculator Base64 to String Binary to Number Birthday Calculator Body Mass Index Calculator Body Surface Area Calc ...

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Freeware - Lane 1.17 screenshot


... Vehicles. // Space Technology - Special Issue on Advanced Reentry Vehicles, ST2428, 2005 Volume 24, Part 4, ... Vehicles. // Space Technology - Special Issue on Advanced Reentry Vehicles, ST2428, 2005 Volume 24, Part 4, ...

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Freeware - Simplexety screenshot


... utility proves it's not just a simple scientific calculator. Comprehensive and rich-featured GUI At first glance, ... using the Cartesian coordinate pane. Fully-featured mathematical calculator All in all, Simplexety is a sophisticated software ...

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Freeware - Image Analyzer 1.40 screenshot

Image Analyzer

Advanced image editing, enhancement and analysis software. The program ... in conventional image editors plus a number of advanced features not even available in professional photo suites. ... expression module for creating and transforming images and advanced "pocket" calculator with equation solver Plugin system for ...

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Freeware - GeoGebra 6.0.620.0 screenshot


GeoGebra gives you the possibility to add points and vectors, and perform calculations with them (for example, you can measure the length of a vector), as well as include lines and ...

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Freeware - HandBrake 64-bit 1.3.1 screenshot

HandBrake 64-bit

... that want more choice, tweak many basic and advanced options to improve your encodes. Supported Sources: ... support (burned into the picture) * Integrated bitrate calculator * Picture deinterlacing, cropping and scaling * Grayscale ...

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