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LANE by Dr. Dmitry Rakov is a software program that can calculate the trajectories for flying objects. Thus it became a phenomenal software program and is in wider use in research and educational filed for users to analyze their concept and to conceptualize their designs. Therefore LANE became a popular choice in calculating, projecting and estimating the trajectories of flights of railguns, launchers, gliders, ballons etc.

As a simulator it simulates the flight of a flying object or vehicle in two dimensions. To run the LANE program users need to download and install the program. Click on the specific language from the first screen of the user interface. The program is available in three languages. After selecting the language, the users need to select the object that would be flying in the simulation. Different flying objectives have different trajectories and flying properties. After selecting the vehicle, users should click on start on LANE interface so the simulation will start. Next the user needs to insert all the relevant data for the simulation to work and to estimate the right trajectory of the flying vehicles. Based on the inserted data users need to click on start to get his desired result.

LANE is an international copyright protected software program that will suit students, engineers and space scientists. The program is free for selective usage only which covers education, reporting and designing. Any commercial usage of the LANE software program is legally enforceable.

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