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Freeware - SimplexNumerica screenshot


... the name "DATA Professional" was hosted on both Windows and under Atari/GEM. SimplexNumerica is proving to be ... popular among scientists. Ergonomic programming using the newest Windows programming guidelines with toolbars, context dialogs and interactive ...

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Freeware - Lane 1.17 screenshot


LANE is a universal program for trajectories calculation of flight vehicles (stage - concept analysis, conceptual design): Example (flight vehicles) 1. Ballistic bodies, Projectile, Rail Gun, ... Example: Projectile, Q= ...

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Freeware - Simplexety screenshot


... Keep track of time while you perform calculations Other options, enable you to choose the measurement ... and time parser allows you to perform various calculations to determine the current year, week, day, moon ...

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Freeware - fx-Calc screenshot


... featured replacement and enhancement of the old fashioned Windows calculator. Over and on top of calculation and visualization fx-Calc can analyze and solve scientific ... Key features: definition and immediate calculation of functions with up to 5 variables ...

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Freeware - RedCrab - The Calculator 7.16 screenshot

RedCrab - The Calculator

... with fullscreen editor for technical, scientific and financial calculation. Easy to use like a pocket calculator. The ... and text can be inserted to describe complex calculations. RedCrab is shareware. A demo version with limited ...

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Freeware - FeResPost 4.3.8 screenshot


... is also distributed as a COM component on WindowsXP. It provides an access to 5 classes ... Four classes used to perform Classical Laminate Analysis calculations are also provided: · The ClaDb class that ...

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Freeware - Advanced Trigonometry Calculator 2.0.8 screenshot

Advanced Trigonometry Calculator

This application works correctly in Windows XP, Vista, and 7. This application is available in two versions due to the two languages supported, Portuguese and English, these versions are in ...

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Freeware - Adminsoft Accounts 4.219 screenshot

Adminsoft Accounts

... accounts software runs on almost any PC running Windows, from Windows 98 on, including Windows 10 (version 3.nnn will also run on Windows 95 and NT 4) No time out, and ...

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Freeware - LTspice IV XVII Oct 30 202 screenshot

LTspice IV

LTspice IV is a high performance SPICE simulator, schematic capture and waveform viewer with enhancements and models for easing the simulation of switching regulators. Our enhancements to SPICE have made simulating ...

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Freeware - KS Calculator 1.05 screenshot

KS Calculator

KS-Calculator is a powerful, easy-to-use, flexible calculator, which supports operations with numbers in Binary, Octal, Decimal and Hexadecimal formats, operates with expressions and mathematical functions, like: Sin, Cos, Tan, ArcTan, Exp, ...

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