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The Resistor Calculator is a simple and easy to use tool which helps in finding out and knowing the basic color code of resistors. Somewhat you can say that it is based on the value of the resistor. Frankly, the color code can be provided by the user and even the program has the extensive feature which can show the resulting value of the resistor.

Now on the basis of the resistor which is calculated or entered, one can get the basic value of the resistor which is on the E series and even those which is lying between the Renard numbers that is automatically displayed. In addition, another basic feature of this program is that you can calculate easily the proper resistor value for the parallel and LED (single) series connection. Here you can consider the voltage drop that happens across the LED, the change in supply voltage, and even the current LEDs too.

Some of the basic features of the Resistor Calculator are that one can calculate the color coding of the value of the resistor. Plus you can easily calculate color and coding of the given value of resistor. Another feature of the Resistor Calculator is that you can show the nearest resistors of the Renard and E series numbers. When compared to other resistors, you can calculate the LED circuits which are in parallel, single and in series. Also the automatic updates of the program and integrated assistance system helps in using this tool quite interactive.         

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