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The Almanac software for specific utilization and for general use by the maritime navigators and by the astronomers. An observation used to fix users location automatically by the line of positions. The different astronomical data obtained from the Nautical Almanac. The software includes the graphical map of a sky, and it enables user to place a standard stars that utilized in the celestial navigation. The line of position calculate as well as plot fix lines from the user entered data from the sight object such as star, moon, sun or planet data to determine users longitude and latitude. The constant altitude corrections performed index error, parallax, and height of eye, refraction and semi diameter.

It easily calculates and draws the lines of the position as well as saving and loading of the data. The star and the planet module give astronomical data, these are all for sun, 4 planets, 57 navigation stars and moon and some more stars. It provides the numerous data including SHA, GHA, DEC, horizontal parallax, equation of a time and semi diameter. The star map module gives polar and the linear plot of sky at the given time and at the geographical position. It shows plots positions of sun, 4 planets, 56 stars and moon. The linear plot of astronomical data also available.

The version 1.12 have released on July 1, 2001 and it was corrected the error in a prediction of the Delta T upto 2012. The Astro version 1.11 released on September 19, 2000 that includes the cosmetic changes for ensuring the smooth running in the window. For the navigators, software ensures instant sight of reductions for any of the object above horizon by using complete refraction, parallax calculations and semi diameter. Based J2000, the software incorporates very latest in the mathematical formulae and the algorithms. The nautical Almanacs mostly based J1950.

A greater than 3200 stars included under the specific names while for Mariner sixty navigational stars listed under common names. This program is too valid forever and it used for the historical purposes. This program automatically converts the Julian and the Gregorian dates. A four major that is navigational and inner planets included. To prevent rising unduly a size of a program, outer planets has not incorporated in these release but it is available.

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