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Increased hard disk and CPU usage in your desktop background can lead to a major slowdown in the running of your computer. Chameleon Task Manager is able to drastically reduce the priority of unimportant programs thereby increasing the performance of current programs.  It will also determine the ideal amount of Ram for each program and thereby optimize the memory even further.

Sometimes there are programs in your computer that you only run periodically, yet they will automatically launch when you turn on your PC. Chameleon task manager will automatically kill these processes so that they don’t slow down your other more important programs, and only launch them as per your specifications.

This launching and task manager utility software also functions as a security task manager. It will notify you of programs that have been newly launched and also check for modifications in your current programs and files. Process management has also been simplified by this tool. To optimize or restart a process, you are simply required to open the programs title bar’s standard menu and point the mouse over the program in the tray.

There’s nothing more appealing than a task manager that can collect your resource usage statistics. Usage statistics makes it easy for you to determine the processes that are slowing your computer down due to excess resource usage. You can then set the program priority for these to be automatic, so that they can be unfrozen or restarted when need be.

The best part about Chameleon Task Manager is that it’s extremely user friendly. You can use it in compact mode which gives you optimum space to display the processed data.  It also has a task configurations management feature that makes it possible to load and create a number of configurations.

For increased flexibility, this task manager will give you notice concerning the usage of your hard drive, close or restart problematic programs, reduce the priority of program launching for troublesome programs, among others.

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