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The IHCP is stands for Internet Home Connection Protection software helps you to check or control your kids or the other people are connected into your network and internet navigation. This works as the proxy to an intercept HTTP request. The remote administrations are necessary with the browser. This IHCP requires WinME, Win98, WinXP, Windows2000 and Windows2003. If your computer will be at the risk of getting infected with the viruses, spyware, Trojan horses, adware, dialers and more others, then the one and only best way is that IHCP software. This IHCP software will keep the viruses, spyware and others keep away. You can free download this IHCP software. It does not take more time to download or install. It is very simple to install so you can easily install on your computer. Not only keep away from the viruses, but also it helps you to control your kids or some other persons. The license of this software is freeware. If you install this advanced software, you can go anywhere without any worry about your computer because it keeps your computer safe from virus as well as controls the kids and some other persons. It is very useful for every user, if you want to keep away from spyware, viruses and others. You can get the fully functional freeware version of the IHCP. This software also helps to speed up your computer performance. Once you install this software you cannot worry about the virus. Well, an array of internet connection makes you to access the internet connection. This IHCP supports for the parental control solution to use the internet safe and manage web access. Every device that access the internet will use to specify connects with safe and secure. This IHCP can protect your mobile and other devices to work under safe and care of your home network. This includes phones and computers that your kids and friends bring into the house. It will protect regardless while accessing the internet. This unique functionality makes open system to provide the single effective internet parental controls. Each device is unique and OpenDNS gives you flexibility in blocking internet content. It makes to protect your device better and run with safe and care system. Fortunately, this used to block the individual websites that you know about the performance better.

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IHCPAccess ControlWindows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003

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Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003

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