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The beauty of the TagScanner is twofold. It can rename audio trucks in bulk using only their tag information and it can also batch-rename files on the basis of their tags.

The TagScanner has a simplistic design that only includes basic options. This, together with the fact that it lacks third-party components such as browser toolbars, makes it easy to install. You can also launch TagScanner directly from a pen drive using the portable TagScanner version.

The interface appears detailed with four prominent tools; renaming, tag processing, tag editing and List making. There are settings for each of these on the right side of the main window.

The TagScanner allows you to manage your music files and retrieve the missing tags.  All the contents of the directory you have selected are analyzed in the main window and you can also load songs directly into the built-in audio player.  There are multiple buttons for selecting and deselecting items that you can use to sort out the files by full path, sample size, sample rate, artist, Automatically number the files, create and save playlists, find and remove duplicates among other functions.

As for the missing tags, TagScanner allows users to generate their information from the file names or alternatively get the information from CUE files online. One can also copy or move selected files between folders and import or export the cover art.

The variety of preset profiles on this program expedites the task of bulk renaming. The profiles feature custom settings which you can use to create or edit profile properties when creating scripts with rules.

The file renaming patterns for this tool are also flexible. One can consider one or multiple field tags and use an appropriate formula from the featured naming formats on the mainframe to complete this task. You could also automatically move the files to your preferred location on the completion of the task or restructure the files according to their tag information.

The TagScanner is also able to generate reports with the play lists which are then saved to .html, .xml, .m3u or .cvs depending on your preference. You can then edit the file name on the report, write the Unicode signatures (BOM) choose an encoding method, and convert it to .html if that was not the original format.

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Last versions of TagScanner
Version Change log
TagScanner 6.1.4 Apr 17, 2020 Improved: Now you can use up to 10 nested scripting functions
Fixed: In some cases program removes trailing dots from filenames
Fixed: Rare problems with scripting engine and values contained $ symbol
Changed: Disc number no longer setted up to 1 for Discogs releases without separated medias
TagScanner 6.1.3 Mar 5, 2020 New: Number of elements in each group now displayed on group's title bar
New: Scripting function $substr(x,a,b)
Improved: Internal player now considers if the file list is filtered
Improved: Editor now preserve fields values while toggling Transformations
TagScanner 6.1.2 Nov 11, 2019 New: $padleft(x,y) and $padright(x,y) functions
Improved: 64-bit installer now auto-backup scripts from 32-bit installation before upgrade
Improved: Interface now looks and feel more accurate on 175% and higher scaling
Changed: After refactoring of scripting engine to speed up processing was reverted back PCRE based regular expression engine to take access to full power of string processing
Fixed: Can't update tag while file playing
Fixed: Tracks numbering from Musibrainz lookups
Fixed: Processing of export scripts with html tags
Fixed: In some cases program maked copy of file instead renaming
Translation: Portuguese (Brazil), Italian
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