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Previously, Motorola 68HC11 was considered to be the most popular microcontroller used in various apps. Using the THRSim11, you can easily perform the assembling, editing and debugging the programs present in the Windows PC. Even, you could use the THRSim11 to debug those programs present in the targeted EVB or EVM compactable board.

In addition, the simulator can simulate the ROM, CPU, RAM and all other memory mapped input and output items. Plus using this stimulating program, you can simulate various on board devices like analog to digital converters, serial port, timer (which includes the pulse accumulator), input and output pins (including the interrupt and analog pins), etc. It is important to keep in mind that while you are debugging, you need to make sure that the graphical user interface can be viewed and be able to control all the registers such as I/O register and CPU register, pin of the simulating microcontroller, and the memory location which consist of program, data, stack, etc.

In addition, when the program is running, it is still possible to just stop the given simulation easily. A lot of simulated i.e. external components can easily be connected to the pins with regard to simulated 68HC11, especially while debugging. Some of the examples of external components are switches, LED, serial receiver and transmitter, analog slider, etc.   Also there is a 4x20 LCD character display which is mapped in the given 68HC11 ‘s address space.

With THRSim11 program, you can communicate with the EVB boards and Motorola EVM or any kind of board that runs the Buffalo monitor program. Plus, the monitor program can be easily downloaded for free from the available Motorola website.  So when the assembly program is placed into the given target board, then the GUI will make it possible for you to view and control each of the registers i.e. the I/O and CPU register, the location of the memory which consist of the stack, program and data, and the real microcontroller. Even it is quite possible for you to stop the execution and get a chance to change and inspect the memory and registers.

Now for the high level language like C and C++ support, the THRSim11 has an inbuilt debugger which can read the object files especially with the debugging information present in the DWARF2 debug format that one can use with the free GNU gcc compiler. In addition, C variables also get updated while the program is running.

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