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Freeware - COM Port Data Emulator screenshot

COM Port Data Emulator

An affordable, flexible and highly functional emulator of COM port device data!

COM Port Data Emulator DownloadCOM Port Data Emulator like
Freeware - CyberInstaller Suite 2011 1.15 screenshot

CyberInstaller Suite

Create reliable and safe installation packages in a few minutes for free

CyberInstaller Suite 2011 1.15 DownloadCyberInstaller Suite like
Freeware - Dev-C++ 5.11 screenshot


A full-featured IDE for C/C++, you can directly run it from an external device

Dev-C++ 5.11 DownloadDev-C++ like
Freeware - Dll Export Finder 1.3.0 screenshot

Dll Export Finder

Dll Export Finder: Search in which dll is an API or an exported function

Dll Export Finder 1.3.0 DownloadDll Export Finder like
Freeware - DOSBox 0.74.2 screenshot


DOS-emulator which uses the SDL-library to port to different platforms

DOSBox 0.74.2 DownloadDOSBox like
Freeware - Easy Code for MASM screenshot

Easy Code for MASM

A setup program and includes the source code of a nice CD player

Easy Code for MASM DownloadEasy Code for MASM like
Freeware - Eclipse SDK 4.7.3a screenshot

Eclipse SDK

An open-source Java IDE and platform for rich client applications

Eclipse SDK 4.7.3a DownloadEclipse SDK like
Freeware - ELENA Integrated Development Environment 3.2.0 screenshot

ELENA Integrated Development Environment

A very simple to use programming language

ELENA Integrated Development Environment 3.2.0 DownloadELENA Integrated Development Environment like
Freeware - FeResPost 4.3.8 screenshot


A Ruby extension and COM component for any developer

FeResPost 4.3.8 DownloadFeResPost like
Freeware - Fiddler 5.0.20181.14850 screenshot


A useful HTTP Debugging Proxy that logs all HTTP traffic between your computer

Fiddler 5.0.20181.14850 DownloadFiddler like
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